Anyone installing the COBI system on a ProTour?


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Hi everyone,

New member and new owner of an iZIP ProTour... it's been "interesting". The bike died within three weeks and was replaced by iZIP. But otherwise I'm really enjoying it.

I've been thinking about the COBI system, which was presented at InterBike on a ProTour. I reached out to COBI and they said that iZIP will "eventually" sell a version of the ProTour with the COBI system built in (presumably that means a 2017 model since the 2016s are basically gone).

So I'm trying to figure out whether it's possible to retrofit the COBI system on a ProTour. This would involve removing the ProTour's control panel (COBI also said it's possible, but not recommended, to mount their system anywhere other than dead center).

Has anyone looked into what it would take to install this? My local bike shops are not exactly well versed on this...

Thanks for any pointers!

Tara D.

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@igbright as soon as you get one and start investigating how to go about that let us know how you ended up installing it and how it works!