Anyone know where I can get these in the US?


Hi! I've been building electric bikes for a little while now. I have a small store and I sometimes run into issues where I need certain connectors as well.
I had an issue with my first mid-drive setup and the cutoff brake sensors were three pin yellow hi-go, but I had recently upgraded to Magura MT5E hydraulic brakes and they were made to connect directly into an ebikes cutoff sensor plugs, but had the red 2 pin connectors on them... So I did some research and found a company that made adapters and other accessories.
I believe they are based out of Germany (Where a lot of quality e-bikes and parts come from, I.m.o.). It's called e-bike technologies. Their website is:
They have basically every connector you can imagine and will custom make any connector / connection combo that you need. There may be some companies here in the States, but I haven't had the need to look for any others recently.
I hope this information helps and best of luck! Jason