anyone know why Emotion Evo Jet discontinued?


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I think just because of a model line-up change for 2017 and a refresh. Looks like the closest model to the Jet is the new Evo Cross+.


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Thanks, jazz!

I was hoping they didn't find some flaw with the Jet.

Doubt it - they probably still have it in the model line-up in Europe (where they have about 70 different bikes). They just keep the available models in the US slim, and the Jet probably overlaps with a few other available bikes in terms of style and level of components already. They are probably also wanting to push the new brose bikes in the US as well.

bob armani

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Does anyone know why the Emotion / Easy Motion Evo Jet was discontinued? It's now posted under the websites "Prior Models" section here:

Seems like a decent commuter bike, no?



Hello Stephan-

Just purchased the 2015 EVO Jet from a dealer in Madison,WI and the bike is really well built and has some nice components. The rear hub motor is very responsive and reaches speeds of over 20mph within a few short seconds. It also does quite well on 5-10% uphill grades.

I noticed that the BH webisite (US) also does not have the NEO Jet listed in their prior models page. I think it also may be compatible.