Anyone out there have input on the E-Lux Sierra GT?


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What do you think about the E-Lux Sierra GT as a first ebike?
For $1995, the specs are too weak.

500W nominal, 750W max
48V 11Ah battery

I would avoid it if I were you :confused:


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$1699 and way better spec


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That's kinda what I was thinking. Seems like a well built bike with local dealers, but I agree.
Everything on that bike screams cheap.

For example, that crankset... I had the exact same one. With that plastic chain guard.
The sprocket was supposedly made by steel, but it was much easier to bend. Needless to say I had to replace it after a few months.

Those brakes.. they're cheap mechanical brakes..
If I were to give it a price on that bike, I'd say around $1000 to $1200.
Definitely not $1995.

Sondors sell similar 500W version for $999, and still comes with 48V 14Ah.

Even $1499 RadMini comes with 48V 14Ah battery.. also the RadMini has huge aftermarket support, including Bolton, Electro Bike World, etc..