Anyone try a VECO ebike?


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I saw the VECO ebikes from an online retailer recently. The bikes are here:!bicycles/c230d

I'm specifically interested in the "Trail" Foldable Mountain Bike or the Hybrid-V1.

I'm not a bike person, let alone an ebike person. Just wondering if one of you experts could give it the once over. I'd love any opinion.



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I have tried the Veco electric bike at the bicycle show in Toronto specifically the Trail, it's powerful bike and this is coming from a person who use to own 2 electric bikes already , a bionx and another brand that i would rather not talk about ( it was a terrible experience)

I ended up purchasing it online, Lynn and Simon were great ! Their team is always present to assist you with any questions you may have, they are available through chat all the time. The bike was delivered fast and the packaging was nicely done.

I can say that I am really happy with my bicycle, what I like most is the motor it's equipped with one of the best motors in the e-bike market Bafang. A lot of torque when going uphill, the acceleration is also very progressive unlike other cheaply made bike. It also folds which is really convenient since i live in a small condo. It's a very solid bike and definitely a good purchase ! Forgot to mention really good quality for the price it's quite a catch !
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I also tried a Veco bike at the Toronto bike show but the fatbike version, I believe it was the Chunk-V1. It was a good bike with enough power with an attractive price point. The only thing missing from the bike was torque sensor. It reminded me of the Surface 604 Boar fat bike at a fraction of the cost. But like Lyne mentioned super friendly people with good bikes.