Anyone with a 500 series ST with a noise issue?


Received my 500 series ST. Got it assembled and took it out for the first ride last night. I was really surprised how loud this ebike is compared to my whisper quiet ebikes. The hub motor was howling. Just want to know if this is normal.
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I changed my 500s stock tires to a smooth treaded tire and it is now very quiet. The difference is amazing. Out in the country with a tailwind it is almost silent at 20 mph. It has Schwalbe Marathon E-Plusses.


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It's hard to tell from a video, but there's some noise from the hub motor. My 700 has the same motor. I don't think it's that loud, but I usually am using no more than 6% PAS power.


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Sounds like a regular hub motor noise at high speeds. A higher powered motor will make more noises. Its kinda like comparing a v4 to a v8 for example.

A hub motor contains planetary gears inside that power the hub and wheel. When in heavy use, those gears will make noises; this is normal.