Anyone with info on Ariel Rider Rideal model ?

It seems the Rideal should come with a kick stand (not clear from the site) but I can confirm with Ariel. i got an early version of the bike so maybe that's why it's missing the kick stand. I assumed it didn't come with one bc other similarly priced ebikes ( Rad Mission, Ride1up Roadster, etc) don't come with a kick stand....being able to upgrade the screen would soooo awesome bc it would be a cool upgrade for those that want more info.
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Stay tuned for our full review. We should have it done in the next week or so.
Would something like the Revelo Thinstem be easy to use with the Rideal?

Live in a place with a narrow hallway, and it would be a godsend.


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Here's the first video review of the bike I've seen on youtube, with assembly tips, and with follow-ups promised to show hill-climbing and range. He also has a code for $50 off the Rideal. I had to return a Ride1Up Roadster V2, since the power wasn't enough to get me any hills or start easily with the single speed, and the 17 miles on a charge wasn't enough range. I also couldn't see its LED screen while wearing sunglasses, so I'm actually attracted by the minimalist Rideal controls. This video also makes red look nicer than the blue to me, since it complements the faux leather grips and saddle better. The Rideal seems like a good balance of minimalism, power, range, comfort, and price.


There are a few Ariel Rideal videos out now. I'm working on a full review but in the meantime I just published one of a full throttle drain test...