App for E-bike ?

Denis Shelston

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Just musing here.... would be nice if there was a device that could directly connect to popular controllers on E-bikes to collect data from your trips: mileage, PA used when and for how long, time with PA on Zero and full pedal mode, with exact distance for that segment, full stats on battery usage for each trip, and more, all data collected to be downloadable to a smart phone for further analysis and so on.

I think these young lads on Kickstarter had a good idea... even though they weren't successful in funding it, I think they were on the right track...

I guess a combination of Strava, Map my Ride and others, with special connectivity to an E-bike controller to aggregate all that in one comprehensive report...

Has anyone ever seen something along those lines ?
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Great idea @Denis Shelston however first we need to convince manufacturers of ebike controllers to furnish said controllers with Bluetooth. I'm willing to spend extra say $20 for such a convinience.

Denis Shelston

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Correct, but in the meanwhile a little black box, wired to the controller to intercept comms between the battery and controller could get things started. Standards are needed too, along the lines of ODBD in cars. ... That could take a while.


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Leave the apps at home and enjoy the ride. Maybe its my age but does everything really need an app. My multimeter gives me all the battery info i need. My apologies, but how did we get to the moonwithout a smart phone. VVBG.