App for giant e bike fathom e+3 help please


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Hello I have recently bought a 2019 giant fathom e+3,
I can download the giant app for the giant bikes onto my android phone and when I turn the bluetooth on my phone on I can see the phone can see the bikes bluetooth signal but...
When I go into the app and click on the search for bike part it just comes back with nothing found! I know people are saying theres teething flaws in the app but what can I try So far I cant even hook onto the bike lol. Also when I go into the app store theres about 3 giant apps what one is the best? Ive tried to use all of them with no success. Thanks in advance


Is the bike being charged?. If it is wait until charged then turn bike on then open the app & it should synchronise then just select ur bike.
I didn’t get your options but would say yes to running in back ground, if that doesn’t work just delete your bike on app & start again.