Apparent Warranty issues with Davinci N380 and 750W motors?


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I just bought a 750W Evelo Aurora yesterday. I read the NuVincini manual. I found 250W and 500W, but no 750W specifications. I called Evelo and left a message. I wonder if the 750W is too powerful for the NuVinci N380?

I read several posts where people had problems with NuVinci hubs. I am not sure how reliable the hubs actually are. If i had a problem, i want the option to install a derailleur. The Aurora does not seem to have a dropout that can accept a derailleur.

I think I should change my order to the Delta X. I cannot tell from the picture whether the Delta X has a derailleur hanger, because that area is all colored black. I do not see a derailleur hanger, so i assume the Delta X does not have a derailleur hanger.

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Is the N380 hub warrantied by Fallbrook?

  • I do not see 750W covered by this warranty.
  • I also believe the gear ratio is outside of 2.0 to 1.
  • I also believe the BBS02 has 95NM of torque.
  • Damage to the product:
    - determined by Fallbrook to be caused by
    crash, impact, or abuse of the product;
    - resulting from use of the product in what Fallbrook, in its sole discretion, considers extreme applications such as, but not limited to, downhill, freeride, “North Shore” style, and BMX;
    - resulting from powering of the product with electric motors rated over 250 Watts for N330/N330f/N360 and 350 Watts for N380/N380SE, or any powering
    of the product with internal combustion engines;
    - resulting from running of the product with electric motors at continuous torque over 80Nm and peak torque over 90Nm;
    - resulting from use of the product with total weight (rider, cargo and bike) of over 200kg;
- resulting from use of the product outside the defined cog ratio limits at 1.8 to 1
on standard bikes and 2.1 to 1 (N330/ N330f) or 2.0 to 1 (N380/N380SE) on eBikes;
- resulting from use of the product at voltages of over 50V;
- caused by the use of parts that are not compatible, suitable and/or authorized by Fallbrook for use with the product; or
- occurring during shipment of the product.
How to get warranty service?
Claims under this warranty must be made through the dealer where the vehicle or the Fallbrook component was purchased, or through an authorized dealer of NuVinci Optimized components. Please return the Fallbrook component to the dealer together with the original, dated invoice or receipt. The dealer will contact Fallbrook customer service to handle your warranty claim. Dealers requesting a warranty claim should contact Fallbrook customer service to obtain a Warranty Return Authorization. The dealer will then need to return the product to Fallbrook together with satisfactory proof of the date of purchase.
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