Are "bottle"-style batteries interchangeable?


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Hi all,

I know next to nothing about e-bikes but I have plunked some money down on the Propella Indiegogo campaign:

Notice that it has one of those "bottle" style batteries you see everywhere. Are those interchangeable, like AA batteries?

If the people behind Propella go bankrupt, and I need a replacement battery, can I purchase any old bottle battery that fits and off I go?

George S.

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The controller is also built into the battery. You would need a 36v battery and then you might need an external controller.


The Battery doesn't look "quite" like the most I've seen, maybe it's just the color ?
But 36V bottle batteries like you say are quite common, and "should be" inter-changeable. Notice I said "should be" as the bike seems very low priced, it may be a new animal.

Advance research is free, and invaluable.

That said it is really light weight, (almost unbelievable @ 36 lbs.) I hope you like it.