Ariel Rider Class D Limited Edition Issues


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Wassup all! I figure I'd share my experiences after recieving my Ariel Rider Class D Limited Edition. This is my first E-Bike, still have my Huffy Beach Cruiser 49cc Motorbike, a mountain bike, and use to rider supersport motorcycles and a Harley. Suffice it to say, I am pretty experienced in 2 wheeled vehicles, but usually ICE and nothing EV like.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Class D LE, it is basically a Standard Class D Scrambler style E-Bike with a few differences. Single LED Projector Headlight, Leather Grips, Gel Seats, Innova Tires and different wheels/spokes, Bangfang 750W Hub Motors front and back versus Dapu, and an upgraded 48V 21aH Samsung Battery, forgot to mention a 3amp charger. So, i paid the premium price to get the bike now at $2899, which i had originally ordered the Standard Class D that was to be delivered sometime October 2019, which i had ordered in August 2019 ($2399). At the time, the LE hadn't come out.

I requested to switch to the LE as I thought the $500 difference would have been negligible and i would get the bike immediately, which was at the end of September. After having the bike for a few weeks, I came upon issues. They are as follows:

1) Front Motor Hub does not seem its powerful enough. (The LE versions comes with Bafang 750W Hub motors versus Dapu 750W Hub Motors on the Standard D, not sure why the downgrade, especially for the price difference)

2) The LCD does not read or register the Front Hub at all and if I switch to the Front Hub only, it seems the battery drains faster, at least according to the display.

3) This things drains so quickly, with only throttle use going a block, it goes down to 95% from 100%. With that, I find myself turning the system on and off to reset the battery indicator so that the system think there is less juice and lowers the power. One day I started to ride with 95% to go to work and hit a bump, the bike went crazy and the battery read 60%, 1 min later 45% then another minute 18% then 0%.

4) The battery dislodges so easily when I hit a bump or dip, which i believe damaged one of the contact leads on the battery, but Ariel Rider is saying I damaged it by inserting it too harshly, which i did not do.

5) After installing the front handles bars, it is annoyingly squeaking, even after tightening down the Allen Screws and adjusting the bar. I don't want to over tighten them and snap the screw.

6) The front Hydro brake sounds like there is a gurgling sound when I depress the break, not sure what the heck that is.

7) From stop or at about 2mph, when using the throttle at WOT, it goes for a second then stalls/lags a couple times before accelerating, does that constantly.

Thats about it, other than getting a flat on my rear tire after 3 miles of riding and some weak passenger pegs which were not the same ones on the Standard Class D that I would have preferred. ( only held on by one screw) Also, for the price tag, I thought I was going to get aluminum fenders, not plastic.

After watching the EBR review on the Standard Class D, I was pretty much sold on the bike (not EBRs fault because they are only limited to maybe a couple hours with the bikes and not able to give a proper review) but with all of these gripes and issues, I feel like I made a bad investment especially for what I paid, $2899. Made me think I should have just gone with the Juiced Hyperscorpion with a price of $1999 and comes with full suspension. Of course its an indiegogo price, but would have waited for it. Ariel Rider said they will send me a new controller, but emphasized that it was not for warranty and that I caused it due to misuse of the battery causing a short in the system. What?!

So far, the company is helping me out sort this out (just didn't appreciate being accused of user error/misuse), but with all of these issues, I just want to return it. I'll have to wait for the controller and see if that fixes things. But, lesson learned, be patient because something else might come up that is more to your liking.

If amyone has any thoughts or comments, please, feel free to do so! Let the flames begin!

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Read my review under General Quality and Service. I highly doubt these are one-off situations. Certainly there is a common thread with their approach to things.


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Darn and I was looking to buy one. But Sadly after these two write ups. I Don't think so anymore 😒


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Hi everyone! I bought a D-Class Limited Edition in September 2019. I have to say that my experience was 180 degrees different than the review above -- I love this thing and wouldn't hesitate to buy again. I didn't experience any of the problems / issues outlined above. My e-bike absolutely rips. No significant lag, no issues with hubs, no issue with battery drain. The only minor issue I'm experiencing is that the rear LED on the battery doesn't illuminate (I have a Zendesk ticket open with Ariel to address). I had a few minor issues assembling, but the peeps from Ariel responded quickly to my requests for help, and I was able to complete the assembly without incident.

The top speed on my Class-D LE is 24 mph (after disabling the speed limit). The battery life is great for my needs. I live in a large city (Chicago, IL USA), so most of my riding is on city streets/sidewalks/parks. As long as you adjust the tire pressure (a shade below recommended pressure), the gigantic tires provide plenty of cushion for pot holes, curb jumping and other obstacles. Sorry to hear that others had issues, but I'm telling you this thing is awesome -- worth every penny.

Be safe out there....