Ariel Rider N-Class - Rear wheel replacement spokes


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Hi there, just ran into a problem yesterday as I saw that two spokes were cleanly snapped at the bend, leaving an untrue rear wheel.
I fixed it temporarily with a bog (smaller diameter spoke) and wrote to Ariel Rider customer service, which did not answer yet. I found out that the spokes are rather light motorcycle spokes than bicycle stuff, so no local bicycle shop could help. The biggest spokes they had or could make were 2.3 mm while the Ariel Rider spokes are 2.6 mm with a 3 mm thread.
So in case some other rider needs the info: I measured 221 mm in length and a 95° hook, 2.6mm diameter, M3 thread and a 4 mm spanner is required for tightening. Was able to source some stainless steel spokes from a company in Germany which does all kinds of vintage motorcycle spokes - apparently some old German motorcycles (BMW DKW EXPRESS NSU ZÜNDAPP STEIB) had that same spoke dimension. Will see how it goes when the spokes arrive.

Thats the spokes >