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as many here, I am trying to select the perfect (first) ebike for my needs. I'm 5.5 and in an ok shape that is trying to commute to work 2-3 times per week. I have 7 miles each way, almost perfectly flat. The only catch is the the first tiny bit of the trip has my daughter (2 y.o) in the back of the bike. This is a must for me. Right now I am doing this first part with my normal bike and then taking public transportation from there, the 7 miles feel a bit daunting (sweat,...) and I want to make that decision easier for me, even if it is not an everyday choice (weather,...). After many hours of research in this page I have come with my list of "want/need":

* Power is not a big issue. Even the 250W will help me for what is an easy ride. No hills.
* Battery not placed in the back. Weight distribution and child seat space will (hopefully) work in this configuration.
* Disk brakes. As with everything I say I can be convinced by more experienced users, right now I feel that the extra "bite" will be appreciated.
* Step-thru, to make my life easier (traffic lights,...), particularly with the child seat.
* Do not care about display (speed,...). Battery charge level and help mode indicator would be enough.
* Range is also not a big deal, very easy charge capabilities on both ends of the trip if needed.
* Some effort on the design is sincerely appreciated.

I wanted to keep it as cheap as possible while fulfilling these requirements, and I found the Magnum Ui5. It is at the end of my price-range but I really like it. One thing I have observed is that the market is so open that you can literally not know about a bike that suits you (unlike for example cars, where you would have 5-6 brands in your desired category and that is it). So I would appreciate if anybody could give me some alternatives.

The question is: Does anybody have experience with child seats and ebikes? How is it? do-don't? More specifically, could I install my Topeka child seat into the Magnum? I haven't found any precise description of the attachment points in the Magnum, but my hope was to be able to use an adapter below the seat to get it done. Thoughts?

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I don't know about child seats and have never used them but I use trailers all the time. Would it be possible to pull a trailer and then leave it behind at the school and pick it back up on your way home? Just a thought. As for the mid, a mid drive with the weight in the middle is the way to go if you are going to add more weight to the back of it. I have a 350 watt motor and a bit of a hilly ride to work and it does fine and keeps me easily as fast as I want to go so a 250 should do you just fine. For context, not only do I commute daily on it but I ride mine pulling a trailer bikepacking and it works great so that should be enough for you. My 45 lb dog rides on top of my stuff and we're way up on really steep mountains so it doesn't take much to help a lot.


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I toted my kids behind me for years on a rear carrier years ago. Today, I occasionally tote my grand daughter in a trailer. Given my imperfect memory, I still think the trailer is easier to use, and would not contribute to a single bike accident because of rider balance pot holes, etc.

My only concern about the trailer is that it's so easy to pull on flat ground, I wonder if it's still attached, so I need to install a mirror. I'd also need to attach a flashing rear light.

Which ever you choose, safety is the main priority.


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what HarryS said. When mine were little, the LBS recommended the trailer for that reason. The bike falls over, you won't dump the kid. Trailers are handy for pets, groceries, even older kids.