Assist cuts out after pressing info button

Brian Park

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This is the worst part. When cycling with the assist on, when I press the info button to circle through the parameters (odo, max speed etc) the assist immediately cuts out and will only come on again if I restart the Intuvia.
Is this a firmware issue ? Its a new CUBE ebike with the cx motor. Perhaps I just got a early release version of the software that needs updated?

If so does anyone know what the most up to date software version is for the Intuvia these days?

Thanks folks:):confused:


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Hey brian,

never heart about it, connection intuvia bike checked?

Newest SW can see your bike dealer, Bosch diagnostic SW Tool,
the Bosch Tool, when connect to internet, check the actually SW.

Your Bike dealer can try a different intuvia display,

Timm, Germany

Brian Park

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Unfortunately I bought the bike online from a shop that's 400 miles away :oops: so I'm not easily able to check the unit. Do you know what the number is of the latest version - I can check that on the unit so if it doesn't match then I know it could be a software issue.
I have been told by the company that sold me the bike that I would need a cd and a usb cable to resolve it but I'm not so sure that's all it will take...
Has no one else had this issue with the cx motors?