Atom Lynx 6 27.5 Pro


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Nice looking bike with the integrated Brose motor/battery... it was on my shortlist when I was looking for E MTB last year.

I ended up getting the BH Rebel Lynx with the Yamaha PW-X drive system outfitted with similar competent specifications.


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I'll have to admit that the Brose motor was one of those which really 'wowed' me when I first rode one (Raleigh Tamland iE). Didn't quite get that same feeling on my Haibike AllMtn 2.0 with its PW-X, although I'm fairly certain that the Yamaha system will end up being the more robust of the two. But I'm not too hard on my bikes, and I now have a few so I can spread out the mileage between them. So I'm hopeful that the Brose systems will hold up.

And when I saw the deal being offered on the Atom Lynx, and then could negotiate the free shipping, it was kind of a no-brainer to me. I'm a true sucker for 50% off. Love the spec on it and the way it rides. And it would give me a second FS e-bike for a buddy to ride when I get back onto the trails (just working up my conditioning on the street currently, since recently getting back into e-bikes without having done any riding for a while). The Lynx is definitely overkill for the mild trail riding I will be doing now at my age - I don't have the aggressive bent I used to have on the trails, and I definitely don't heal as quickly as I used to!

These modern e-bikes sure are a blast... and are giving me plenty to do during these 'shelter at home' times.