Auction - Specialized Como SL


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Hi all! A brand new Specialized Como SL is being auctioned off by my employer, Transportation Alternatives. Opening bid is $2,000, and the auction ends Monday, June 14 at 8 p.m. EST. Please read - model/color varies by size due to limited stock.


Details below:

Shipping: Will be shipped to a Specialized affiliated bike shop near you for assembly and distribution. Please contact with questions.

Due to limited stock, the exact color and model of bike depends on the size needed. Options are Como SL 4.0 (value $4,000) or Como SL 5.0 (value $4,800); see model, color, and size availability below:
Small: Como SL 4.0 in Raspberry or Dove Grey, or Como SL 5.0 in Smoke
Medium: Como SL 5.0 in Smoke
Large: Como SL 5.0 in Brushed Silver

What does this auction support? Transportation Alternatives is a New York City non-profit which advocates for better walking, biking and public transit. This auction is part of our annual benefit, the Streets for People Party. You can learn more about us at

Contact: You may contact myself at or our general infobox at