Aurora fender


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We have a Kuat NV 2.0 rack with ramp, love it. We are waiting for a pair of Auroras to arrive and I anticipate removing the front fenders to accommodate the the rack. Has anyone used the Top Peak Defender fenders? It looks like there would be enough room to use the tire clamps.

Aurora Maven

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I have the top peak on my delta, it has a slight rub on the down tube. On my wife's Aurora I am using these with schwalbe super moto-x 2.4 tires . The front is on and has an excellent fit the rear gets attempted tonight. The stock Aurora fenders suck
I too have switched to the Super Moto-X tires for my Aurora for improved puncture resistance; what tire pressure do you run? Do you have new fenders on the front and rear now? Any pics you can share? I was thinking of replacing or removing my rear fender so the bike more easily fits my 1Up carrier.