Aurora Mid Drive ordered


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Still patiently? Waiting to get my bike back from the LBS. Evelo had to send a new NuVinci shifter and cable. Between troubleshooting, shipping, and LBS being busy with many customers it has taken a little longer than hoped.


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H82quit - did you receive your Aurora? How’s it riding?
I received my Aurora. However the wheel and fender bent - damaged in shipment and the bike is unridable. I contacted Evelo. They first told me to take the bike to a bike shop of my choice, have them fix the wheel and they would reimburse me. They stated they would send a new fender.
I thought that to be unacceptable, as I have 10 days to trial the bike to see if it will work for me. I do not feel it appropriate to now have to take a bike that arrived unridable to a bike shop to have it fixed to see if I am going to like it or not.

They did make it right and agreed to send me a new wheel, if they could find one. Huh? ...and my 10 days would not start until the bike was in ridable condition.

I did received the new wheel and fender in 3 days and installed them. I am 5'10 with long legs. I found the handlebars to be too low when the seat is adjusted to the correct height. I was told by Evelo that I could get an extension adapter to raise the bars. I bought a standard extension but this causes a problem in that the computer cable the way it was run, it would pull out of the connector when turning the wheel and one of the brake cables is a concern as it is now tight. I ran the computer cable around the other side of the bar, which seems to be fine now. However the brake cable would still need to be addressed.

I was able to take it for a spin. The shifting was not working properly. No matter where the shifter was, it was in low gear. The book explains how to recalibrate the NuVinci® transmission. Once I did this, it appears to be shifting better.

The throttle is also not working properly. It only works for a few seconds when it is first depressed. I went through the suggestions that Evelo provided: Unplugging and checking pins. I also tested out the throttle and that is not the problem. Im waiting to hear back from Evelo on their thoughts.

We did buy 2 of these bikes. The other bike, besides needing to recalibrated the shifter, has been fine.

At this point, unfortunately it is looking like i'll be sending the bike back and I'll be looking for an alternative that is a better fit.


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Bummer !

I really wanted to like Evelo's product, but my concern regarding an "Online" relationship stopped me.

Here is what I ended up with:

Many Check Boxes were filled by the Giant LaFree +1

- Yamaha Mid Drive Motor
- 60Nm Torque
- Super Smooth Power
- Gates Carbon Belt
- Shimano 8 Speed RevoShift
- Nexus like internal gearing
- Hydraulic Breaks
- Upright Ride
- Just the right size Tires
- Large Company Support
- Tons of Local Giant Dealers around

- Well within budget $$
- Panasonic Battery
- 4A Charger
- Warranty 2 Year Comprehensive, Lifetime Frame




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H82quit - sorry to hear it did not work out for you. Good luck in your search.

Sounds like the LBS will have mine ready on Monday and then my 10 day trial will start.

Craig - sounds like a nice ride - good luck!


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Picked up my Aurora today from the LBS. They had to install a new NuVinci shifter and cable. I also had them change the seat to a Cloud 9 Cruiser style saddle with springs. Between the troubleshooting, shipping time from Evelo, and how busy the LBS was the whole process took about 3 weeks. My 10 day trial period begins now. I don’t anticipate any problems. I rode it home from the LBS (about 6 miles including 2 hills, 1 very long and steep). The Aurora had plenty of power. The battery went down about 14%. I weigh ~295 and haven’t ridden a bike in quite some time - I was very happy to be able to climb the hills with ease.

The LBS was impressed with the customer support provided by Evelo and the quality of the Aurora. Bill Cummings at Evelo helped us resolve this issue.
My wife ordered me the Aurora Fully Loaded and white glove assembly/delivery for Father's Day. The person who delivered it couldn't answer my questions about the controls or the automatic transmission. Upon delivery there was a noticeable rubbing sound in the wheels. He spent some time in my garage adjusting the fenders but never got the sound to go away. A few days later the right pedal fell off while my wife was riding the bike. When I looked at the crank arm, the threads appeared stripped. We were about ready to box up everything and send it back. We contacted Alex at EVELO and he sent a new crank arm, refunded the $150 assembly fee, comp'ed some accessories, paid to have my LBS fix the rubbing problem, shipped two new brake rotors to the LBS which fixed the issue, and reset my trial period to be 30 (thirty) days after the LBS corrected the issue. EVELO customer service really is top notch; they want you to be completely happy with the bike! I really liked my Aurora Fully Loaded and how it powered up the steep hills around my house in San Diego, but I ended up returning it anyway. Why? The Limited Edition debuted during my extended trial period. I liked the idea of a higher capacity battery, the fatter tires, and the belt drive. We called and asked if we could return the Fully Loaded and offered to pay the difference for the Limited Edition. Again, no problem! So now I eagerly await the arrival of the Limited Edition. Meanwhile there is currently an open box Fully Loaded for sale for a great price on the EVELO website if anyone is interested. I suspect it is the bike I returned with just 40 miles on it and very gently broken in. EVELO has shown to me that no matter what damage may occur during delivery or assembly, they are easy to deal with and will absolutely stand by what they sell.


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AubergeSanDiego - I considered switching to the Limited Edition as well, but decided to stick with my fully loaded. Alex had told me that the current motor on the Fully Loaded would have a little more torque than the Limited Edition. We discussed and decided with my weight and hills, that the current a Fully Loaded would be a better fit for me. I agree that Evelo wants to make sure you are satisfied - my LBS said that came through to them as well. Hope you enjoy your Aurora LE!


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I noticed that the Fully Loaded is no longer listed on Evelo's site (just the Open Box, as @AubergeSanDiego said).

I do find it interesting that they believe the Bafang motor they use on the FullyLoaded has more torque than the Dapu motor on the LimitedEdition. I wonder if that's just from manufacturers' spec, or from Evelo actual testing.