Australia electric bike drop shipping selling service(BTN electric bikes)

Yes, we are the factory of the OEM electric bikes in China, but we also have 3000 sq meter space warehouse in California, USA. so we what we can do for the online shop seller or shops;

1. Ship the bikes to customers after you sold the bike ONLINE.

2. Keep good profit for the shops(example: drop shipping price 900USD, Retail price 1599USD. you get 699USD )

3. Always update the bikes from customer&shop's feedback

4. Newest version bike from China. we will update the bikes every month.

5. All shops/online seller in USA and Canada keep the same retail price.

Wholesale&Drop-shipping contact:

Ruby: Whatsapp: +86 18867800049
Lily: Whatsapp: +86 15372063632
Freda: Whatsapp: +86 18067944582
Office Phone:+86 571 82859592
Australia bike pick up&shipping address: Melbourne
China factory address: Xinjie Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China
Ebike&Kits OEM contact:
Whatsapp: +86 15869111868


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