Aventon Aventure headlight clamp defective?


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Didn't see this in the search anywhere.
Bought a S/M Aventon Aventure for my wife. Got it all put together but am a bit baffled by the headlight clamp. It seems to not be manufactured correctly but Aventon support states that it looks correct to them. They are asking me to remove the headlight clamp from the handle bars in order to get better pics. Rather than do that first (not sure how hard it is to get the grips off) maybe there is something I am just not understanding correctly. Does anyone have one of these stock headlights with which they can compare?
No matter how hard I tighten the bolt, these do not clamp down onto the handle bar nor do they look like they are capable of doing this. It appears that the piece which the bolt threads into should not be directly attached to the hole that the bolt goes into from the top. Maybe there is something inside that I cannot see. Can anyone else post a closeup?


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Where on the handlebar are you mounting the light? I cannot tell from your pics. Better pics needed. The handlebars are wider diameter towards the middle...no?


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so its a bit loose? can you slide it to a bigger part of the bar? a thin slice of rubber under the clamp can fixit or a little strip of black duct tape or electrical tape.


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Sorry didn't reply to the messages but was looking to see if anyone had pics of this particular Aventon headlight.

I have read some stories about Aventon support not being very good but have to admit that they have been pretty top notch with me. (I will write up a review once I get some miles on it.) I tried to explain to support what was wrong with my headlight bracket but they didn't seem to understand either even with photos. However they did send me a new one and a comparative picture is worth a thousand words so if you cannot tighten down your headlight bracket and it looks like mine then request a replacement. See if you can spot the difference. The replacement from Aventon has the headlight still attached.


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