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The Aventon Aventure is a fat tire electric bike that comes in two frame styles (step-thru and high-step) with a clean downtube-integrated battery. Priced at $1,899 and available in several color schemes (two for each frame type), the bike seems like a good value. Aventon sells direct, but also through a network of independent electric bicycle dealers. This is a Class 3 speed pedelec, capable of 28mph top speeds, and it comes with fenders, lights, and mounting points to add a rear rack or front basket. It even comes in several sizes! Pretty interesting, here's their official website https://www.aventon.com/ and I'd love to hear your thoughts below, especially if you own it or are planning to buy one.

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While I haven't reviewed this electric bike myself, I have covered other Ebikes that are similar and I wanted to provide some insights and open things up for your feedback. I hope providing several sources, with varying perspectives, allows everyone to come to their own conclusions. Sometimes short reviews and those created by shops only cover the good aspects and can come off like a commercial, so I've tried to be neutral and objective with these insights:

Pros, things that stand out as good:
  • Step-thru option is awesome! Fat-Tire bikes are often less accessible to those vertically challenged, and this step-thru option seems to offer more people the opportunity to enjoy a full-size, fat-tire Ebike.
  • The Aventure has tons of cool features, such as a full-color screen, integrated seatstay light, internal cabling, slap guard, locking grips, and other little pieces that come together to create quite an impressive finished product.
  • Where is the battery? As Micah pointed out, this battery is well hidden in the frame design and doesn't intrude on the overall aesthetic, like some Ebikes. Honestly, if you didn't know the brand, and weren't sure exactly what you were looking for, you may never know this was an Ebike at all! Unless you picked it...then you'd know! It weighs around 75lbs.
  • The Aventure comes with fenders and has options for a front basket and a rear rack.
  • The Aventon Aventure is currently retailing for around $1,900. With all of the included features and ease-of-mind from purchasing through a well-established company, the price point seems like it should be higher.
Cons, things that seem like trade-offs or negatives:
  • Though I do love to see front fork suspension, and one with quick adjustments at that, I don't really get suspension that I could tackle some serious terrain in. The front forks have 80mm of travel (just barely above the lower end of 60mm) and are not suited for any sort of drops. No jumping! Unless it's for joy because you love your new Ebike so much :)
  • I do love that fenders come stock on this bike, especially because of the "aventures" we're going to have, but it would be nice to get some high-quality plastic fenders, so I avoid any scratches that could lead to rusting over time. Not a huge deal in my opinion, but I'm trying to make this an even list, okay?
  • I think the weight is to be expected here, however, the weight may limit the types of places you can take this bike, especially if you have a trailer or bike rack, and will be needing to pick it up and lift it off.
  • The chain guard that comes with the Aventure is more of a guide than a guard (here is an example of a bash guard/chain guard) Based on where we're going to be riding this bike, this is an area that could be improved upon.
  • If you watch any of the 360 footage of these reviews, you'll notice the chain is quite loose and the bottom part will be bouncing up and down significantly. Though there are a few reasons for this, the main one is most likely the Derailleur that ships with the bike doesn't have a clutch or other means by which to tighten up the chain during bumpy terrain. The derailleur could be upgraded to give us some more options when it comes to fixing these issues.
  • I've heard from many shops that some Aventon models can be difficult to assemble, and if you're receiving this direct, you may need additional tools and definitely some strength just to unpack and get it ready to ride. This is the case for most direct-to-consumer products.
As always, I welcome feedback and additions to these pros and cons, especially from people who have tried or own the bike. If you see other great video reviews for the Aventon Aventure, please share them and I may update this post ongoing so we can get the best perspectives and insights.
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Personally I have a strong preference for metal fenders. I have plastic on my bike and their rattling is annoying. Wife's Level has nice, solid, metal fenders that don't talk back.


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Personally I have a strong preference for metal fenders. I have plastic on my bike and their rattling is annoying. Wife's Level has nice, solid, metal fenders that don't talk back.
I hear ya, some plastic fenders are thick enough or paired with aluminum sheets to make them stiff and quiet. Steel tends to be sturdy, but that can introduce rust. Have you seen the Curana fenders like the ones Gazelle sometimes uses? They blend plastic and aluminum, here are some pictures.


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We have an Espin Nero. Similar except battery is exposed and 1 step through style. It's suspension fork has 100 mm travel. Similar weight. 4 inch tires. 750 w/1000 w peak motor. Comes with fenders, hydraulic brakes, color display, locking grips. Cost now $1499. We got ours for introductory price of 1k. For extra $100 you get front and rear rack and phone holder.
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I have the Aventon Aventure, step through and I've returned to cycling after around 35 years, it's a good bike, solid and thus far reliable. the only issue I have had is their customer service, sucks, and they are very slow about sending out your orders, (waiting for front and rear racks for almost a month)