Aventon Level Error Code

So I have 340 miles on my new Aventon Level. Starting to cruise the local development paved bike trails at a good clip, 15-25 mph. I was cruising at 15 mph on a paved trail and intentionally shot up a grassy bank pitched at 45 degrees, about 40 feet in distance to the top. PAS-3 and pedaling. Just before I reach the top of the hill I lose all power assist and get an error code. 2 seconds later, at the top of the hill my power assist comes back and everything is normal. Error code gone. What Error Code you ask? Don’t know, I was busy navigating trees and shifting gears.

the exact same thing happened to me as described in an earlier review I posted at my 10 day update on my Aventon Level. Same scenario, on dry pavement, pedaling 15 mph on PAS-2, I climbed a grassy hill and lost power and got an error code.

I also took the bike through the woods on a rocky, rooty, woods trail , which I would not do again, but everything worked perfectly, and I used the throttle a lot in the woods.

stay tuned.
I am going to try and recreate the conditions again and pay attention to which code is flashing.

I tried repeatedly to duplicate the condition today by hitting that hill multiple times at different speeds, different PAS Levels, but everything worked fine.
I had the same loss of power today as described in my two earlier posts. The error code was Code 21 -"Current Error, Current Limit Exceeded, or Damaged Cable." In my previous examples I was exiting a paved bike path and hitting a grassy incline at speed under PAS and I lost power for a second or two and the error code cleared within 1-2 seconds. This time I was on a paved trail under PAS-3 and pedaling when I hit a drainage cut in the paved trail that was about 9" wide, 4 " deep. When I hit the cut my rear wheel thumped really really hard. I lost power assist and continued to pedal for about 5 seconds while the error code continued to flash, and the power did not come back on. I stopped pedaling for two seconds, then started to pedal again. The error code disappeared and the power came back as I started pedaling. All systems back to normal. Could be a loose connection that only shows up under a severe bump. The main condition that seems to precede the loss of power is a major jolt/thump to the rear wheel. I'll send a note to Aventon and check my connections. Other than that, all systems running smoothly. I love my Aventon Level.