Aventon Level installed with an Acera cassette or freewheel?


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I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on an ebike and the Level is right now at the top of the list.

But, the Aenton website states under the Drivetrain specs that it has a Shimano Acera Cassette, 12-32T, 8 speeds

The Shimano Acera cassette is the CS-HG41-8 and looks like this. While this is the consumer retail version it is possible that Shimano makes a mass OEM debadged black version.


But after viewing a few review videos on YouTube I noticed the cassette is actually black.
If it's black it may actually not be a cassette but in reality be a freewheel.

Can anyone confirm if its a cassette or freewheel?


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ok nvm, I found the answer.
The Level has the Shimano Tourney TX 8spd cassette