Aventon Pace 500 range for PAS 5 (45 km/hr)


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Hello, new to the forum and new to ebike. I was an avid cyclist in my youth until I blew my knees in my early 20s. I haven't been on a bicycle for about 30 years. My wife and I got an Aventon Pace 500 a few weeks ago, with an eye that it may allow me to ride a bike again. It was amazing, being able to ride a bike with low effort (& knee friendly), going as fast as I used to go in my youth on a light weight road bike!

However, I seem to get very little range when riding at PAS 5 with a full charge. I am 165 lbs, and the area I ride in is almost perfectly flat. I got about 10 km at PAS 5 45km/hr before the speed starts to drop. By the time I got to 14 km mark, my speed dropped to below 40 km/hr, and the battery shows 2 bars out of 10. When I switch to PAS 3, the number of bars went up to 4 bars, but at about 28 km/hr (instead of expected 32 km/hr). The temperature was around 4-6 degrees celcuis on dry pathed road.

I always bring the battery in after a ride, and only charge the battery after it warms up to room temperature. The battery stays inside until just before the ride.

Has anyone experience this problem also, or is this expected?



45km ... you need to pedal more, not just spin legs to activate.
Also......your best milage is at 24km per hour. Wind resistance above 24km... or 14 mph, uses a lot more battery.
Save the high speed for when you need it.


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Hi Brooks, my question is whether or not the range I observed is similar to what other people have observed with their Pace 500. According to Aventon's Real World test range posted on their website, the Pace 500 is supposed to have a range of 25 miles or 40 km for a rider my weight, riding on flat terrain. In my test rides, I got may be around 10 km before the speed start to drop, and the battery showed 2 bars by the time I got to about 14-15 km. If this is what others are experiencing as well, fair enough, that's the limitation of the bike and battery. But if other people are getting 30 km+ at 45 km, then there may be something wrong with my bike.

I went for another ride today, and paid close attention to the battery gauge. The gauge was at 9 bar around the 7 km mark, and then within 2 km, it dropped to 6 bars. After that, it dropped another bar every 1 km or so, until it got to 4 bars. I rode another 4-5 km before it dropped to 3 bars. Does this seem normal?

As for saving the high speed for when I need it... I have a need for speed! ;)
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