Aventon Trainer options


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First, to those who say you don't need a trainer with an ebike, etc --- you can pedal/work out without using the drive; thus functioning as a normal bike.

My Aventon has the electrical connections that go right through the hub nut. In other words, while my trainer is wide enough to accommodate the size, there is no way to clamp onto the nut over the top of the wire. I wondered if there are any trainers that rather than connecting to the hub, connect to the frame the hub is held to. With as many ebikes are being sold (had to wait to get mine), it would seem that some company would have made a trainer to use with ebikes that didn't require dismantling the bike to use (I refuse to do that...I am not a bike mechanic). I want to be able to snap/secure the bike to my trainer and ride it indoors while the blizzards blast away outside. Still searching for a solution......