Aventure Model Timing?


I can't stand it anymore! I love my ebike so much (RadWagon) that I'm up for another one and can't find a reason not to purchase an Aventure. Well...other than it just seems like Aventon has been dropping new models on the frequent lately. I'd hate to purchase what would become last years model rapidly. So - anyone know when/if a Aventure refresh is coming?


I have a rad wagon and an Aventure. Use the RW when riding w my two daughters and the Adventure when riding solo. It's such a fun ebike. I don't think a refresh is coming for the Aventure anytime soon bc all the recent Aventon updates (pace & winch) already come on the Aventure (updated frame, app integrated display). About the only change i can see is adding the rear brake lights to both side like in the next gen Pace models. If you're interested, here are my thoughts on the Aventure