Aveny Front Basket Screws


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Ok so I have a question? We ordered the smaller front basket, withThe cup holder, for my wife’s 2019 Aveny. When we got the basket, we took off the front plate and saved the three Allen bolts. The bolts that came with the basket were a good size larger than the the ones that secured the Blix plate. Being fair, I contacted Blix, award winning customer service, and asked for the smaller Allen bolts. Two weeks later I received a package. The same oversized bolts that were received with the basket were in the package. So I used the smaller bolts, which didn’t seem stout and long enough to hold the basket secure. So Aveny owners, did the bolts they sent you with the basket, work or did you have to reuse the bolts to hold the Blix plate? Any issues with the smaller Allen bolts? Thanks
I used the original M8 x 20mm bolts that were sent with the front basket with a different Allen wrench and it worked fine for me. I purchased my Aveny and front basket this year.


Albuquerque, NM
I used the bolts that came with the basket and they worked fine!