Aveton Pace 350 - dead battery

Shelley Sarvey

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Hello everyone:

I recently purchased an Aveton Pace 350 for my wife and she wrote it for 250 miles and loves it. But now the battery won’t take a charge - has anyone had this problem before?

I called my local Aveton dealer and they said that they’re out of batteries and there’s no hope to contact the factory??

We are really looking for a solution to fix this … let us know your thoughts!

thank you!!


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Hello Shelley Sarvey, welcome to EBR, I have the Pace 500 and it is a fine bike. Aventon is a good company, so I think If you were to contact the battery manufacturer (it’s stamped on the battery), and order a new battery, you would be all set. You will have to document what your LBS stated,but you should also try contacting Aventon and leave a message. Pay the battery company for the battery, and when everything is back to normal, submit a claim to Aventon.