Awesome Two bike platform hitch bike rack...rated for 200 pounds!

Fultyme RV 1300 Hitch Mount 2-Bike Rack, 200 lbs. Capacity

I paid $140 shipped to my door!

Entire rack tilts down, entire rack tilts up 90 degrees (empty) and both sides fold up.

2 inch hitch only.

Rated for 200 pounds...easily holds two hefty e-bikes!

A very stout rack at a bargain price!

Now I just need an e-bike to stick on it!
Man Without A Shadow, thanks for your help on this E-Bike Carrier. I ordered it , took six days to arrive Fedx, slapped it together today in one hour, and it exceeds all of my expectations. Powder coated steel, sturdy construction, safe, light, foldable for in vehicle storage, and fits my two Aventon Levels perfectly! Your help is greatly appreciated.
Looks good! Glad I could help you find a good option for your setup! It's a great rack for $110-$150!

Looks like your fit had a couple of inches to spare...ha!

Measure twice, buy once...

Take care, man!


I just purchased the same rack. It looks like it will do the job, However I'm going to have to do some mods to secure my 2-step thru's to the rack. I don't think the center lock down will drop down low enough?
I have a couple of top tube adapter bars on order, which should resolve my issue. But I'm curious will the center lock down secure your bike? The bike appears to be on contacting the ground vs. being on the rack?
I don't foresee a problem. The center lock downs can travel even lower than in the pix, and lower still if you drill an additional hole or two. That being said the ideal is to have the center lockdowns at a higher point on the bikes. Still it is a secure fit. I will secure the bikes with an additional strap to the center post. Adding a tube adapter will certainly alleviate any concerns.


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Mine just showed up today. I'm curious to see how secure it feels once plugged into my sons Audi A3. We are attempting to carry an Lectric XP and an Espin Sport. We shall see. Worse case scenario, the boys have to tote in back to Walmart for refund...


The rack is very sturdy. Maybe not quite as fluid as some of the higher priced brand name racks when it comes to latches, catches and adjustments.
But it is a tremendous value for the price.
My issue is more with the challenges of securing my step thru frame vs. being any shortcomings with the rack.
Because step thru's do not have a top bar, it is awkward to balance/secure the bike because all of the attachment points are down low on the bike's frame.
I'm confident the adapter bar will make a big difference.