Bad torque sensor on the ST2


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I have owned my ST2 for a little over 3 months, at first it was working ok. Then I started to have some issues that were resolved with a little help from this forum. However, I notice that when I was riding my ST2 the torque sensor was not functioning properly. When I pedaled it seemed like I was being forced to pedal harder because the sensor was holding itself back. I complained varies times to Stromer, however they couldn't figure out the issue until once again I posted my concerns on this forum and I was guided to what was really the issue. Contacted Stromer who directed me to take my bike in for repairs, they were to send the new torque sensor to the repair shop. No biggie. Done! Took my bike in for repairs since it was under warranty I didn't have any worries. The repair shop contacted me to advise to come pick up the bike, once I arrived I was hit with a repair bill of $210!!! Ouch!! The repair shop, mind you that this an "authorize" repair shop informed me that they top level tech worked on my bike for over 6 years and that labor was not covered by warranty!!! Whaaaaat!!! I immediately contacted Stromer to voice my concerns, after spending almost an hour to get through to someone, finally the issue was resolved where I didn't have to pay for the labor cost. Keep in mind that at no time was I warned, informed of the extra cost or labor cost which truly got me upset. How can a bike be under warranty and still have its owner pay for an outside expense while the bike is still under warranty is beyond me!!! At the end of the day I didn't have to pay but if I wouldn't of complained and whipped out my credit card I'm sure the repair shop would of charged me with no problem. As a customer who paid quit a bit for a bike that supposed to be the best in its class, I'm sure not getting the service that I expected to receive... next time I will buy a cheaper brand and take my chances vs buying a top of the line bike and be constantly disappointed

Paul H.

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I'm bummed to hear that you're feeling like you made the wrong decision with the Stromer ST2, especially since your videos on YouTube were one of the factors making me want to get the bike. Having tested a lot of bikes, I still feel like there's nothing else that rides/drives quite like that bike. The warranty hassle sounds like a pain, but at least Stromer is working it out for you. I know it's really annoying when it takes that much effort to get it right when you feel like they should have managed it better without your intervention.

I guess your story makes me even more grateful that I was able to get my bike from my local, very customer-service-focused e-bike shop. I feel so lucky to have that resource nearby and to know they would work with me (and the bike company) to make things like this go smoothly.

I hope the repairs solve the problem.


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Thank you for sharing your experience. This has cropped up several times, and much like tipping a hotel maid after a 1 night stay, I'm not clear on what is typical or expected.

Definitely a good question to ask when making the purchase.