bafang 750 watt hub motor


so my best option then would be to buy the spokes from grinn and a 40,, rim elsewhere and have someone lace it? Could the gmac motor accomadate that rim , do they have many different spokes to choose? I have always in the past bought the motor already laced


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Me too (prefer to buy prelaced). I would speak with somebody at Grin for suggestions regarding use with bigger tires. Tell them what you are thinking. I don't know that I would want to deal with figuring out what length spokes to use. Maybe they can put you in touch with whoever is building their wheels.


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so my best option then would be to buy the spokes from grinn and a 40,, rim elsewhere and have someone lace it? Could the gmac motor accomadate that rim , do they have many different spokes to choose? I have always in the past bought the motor already laced
If you poke around the Grin site, there are posted details that will answer your questions. I'd not buy an unlaced rim unless you have a very trustworthy shop to build the wheel. In my experience their wheel builds are excellent. You have a choice of black or silver spokes.

My Grin-built wheels have been my best wheels.

I believe Grin is down for a few days but will be up and running again soon. Moving all that gear must be a HUGE PIA!

The answer to the 275 is found by searching for "Alex".
27.5" (650b) DM24 Alex Rim, 36 hole, 32mm Wide with Stainless Steel Spoke Eyelets

Temporary store closure, April 2nd - 9th

Grin's storefront will be disabled until next Friday while we rollout and test a number of system changes, and also catch up processing and shipping all the backlogged orders we have in the queue. You should still be able to add items to your cart and have them ready to checkout when we re-enable the store on the 9th. See our blog post for more details.


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I knew you were reaching for my chain..... I figure if I mention it enough, MAYBE the right somebody will get the message!

Regarding "superior functionality", like you, willing to learn/adapt. Please tell me what else would need to be displayed, AFTER initialy setting up. Much more available, but this is what you'll be looking at most of the time. In other words, info at a glance.

Bafang (color):

Color KT:

KT LCD (mono) exact battery voltage available with 2 clicks

All 3 of these are compact displays, measuring about 2.5 x 4" (+/-)

Egg Rider - and let's keep it simple. I don't even own a smart phone
Nice, though a little compact, display -about 2x3". There could be some setup issues.

Grin CA-3
Granted, to fully utilize it's capabilities, a degree in electrical engineering would be nice. WAY over the top for most of us. If you look at the pictures it should be pretty easy to see. 2 lines of data, really? I couldn't find the actual dimensions, so big will have to suffice...

I do admit that my preferences may not be shared by all, but it should not take much to see the CA-3 DISPLAY is clearly/badly outdated as compared to others that are available. It needs updating badly to match the quality of the display up with it's capabilities. -Al
Some Folks love Gizmos and every so often you will learn something from these "Techies" I got started so late I do not care about the 'finer points' only the performance and cost, when my ashes are shot into the sky with a bursting charge, I do not believe they will obscure the displays on the bikes I leave behind( an EBike is a rare occurrence around here, the bad thing is if you cant straddle it and put 4 wheels on the ground most of these 'Hillbilly's(-billies) want nothing to do with them.
I am sorry I despise those noxious and smelly things, now the Electric side by sides are another story, if I could afford it my mower choice would 'battery,"Cub Cadet" is producing an interesting ZTR now.
I must admit, Justin is one cool "techie" He has done more for "Hub motors' than anyone I can think of.
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I always get a chuckle out of the "too big", "too old", "too whatever" discussions about the CA (and yes I too have posted my criticisms). But after some of the earlier comments in this thread I thought I'd add a bit more about the CA in real world. I was going to post on this earlier but was working on a new mounting setup for my CA.

First - dimensions. It's only 2.25" x 5" (5.5 x 12.75cm) or about 1" wider than the other examples. It is a bit thicker but that also has to take into account connectivity (and anything with a bus type of architecture is going to have real advantages here). So size is a bit on an issues but the CA isn't really dramatically different.

What is different is it's character driven display vs. the graphical and color options. This really limits the amount of info conveyed in a single screen and the speed you take it in at. To get more than one or two stats (which normally is all I need) I find you need to "read" the display which takes your eyes off of the road for a few additional seconds. This older character oriented display is also what defines most of the size characteristics of the unit itself. A smaller display with simpler wiring options would allow for a much smaller package while still retaining all the internal programmatic functionality (the CA's true long term value).

Another issue that also affects the size comparisons is the mounting. The default setup with it's X/Y motions and handlebar clamps is very flexible but bulky. The optional steer tube mounting is nice and small but puts the CA behind the bars causing a more downward look to view it.

I found mounting the CA inline with but well in front of the bars is the best for my setup. Here it is easily visible to me but seems to offer a much cleaner looking installation (with much of the wiring tucked up underneath the stem), making it appear smaller. I followed an idea for a 3D printed bracket but instead simple used some thin steel (from a 2x8 joist hanger) and cut with a pair of tin snips. So far this really simple minimal bracket has worked out very well. I'll post pics later today in a new thread.

Oh and I'll second what Tom said about Grin's wheel building. I had Grin build a 500w hub motor in the Alex 27.5" rim for me and have been really impressed with this wheel. Strong and in perfect alignment (ok so only about 500 miles on it so far). I run ~2" tires.