Bafang BBSHD 1000W Error 30: Communication Error


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I have two Bafang BBSHD kits with the following configuration:
Bike 1: BBSHD / DCP-18 display / Hailong 48V 17.5 Ah battery
Bike 2: BBSHD / Eggrider v2 display / no battery (I use the battery from bike 1)

One day coming back from work on my bike 2 (commuter bike) when using the throttle to get a speedy start the display suddenly turn off. Power back on, the display turns on and used the throttle to accelerate and test the kit and it worked for a few seconds and then the display power off again. Tried second time to power on the display, but no response from throttle or PAS anymore. On the Egg rider app, the error was – Connection Error.
Got home, connected the display from bike 1 and got ERROR 30: Communication Error – my first though was the controller is fried and that was confirmed when trying to connect using the programming cable to the controller and couldn’t succeed.
My new problem is when I connected back the DCP-18 display on bike 1 (the working one) I got Error 30 – Communication Error (same thing with Eggrider display – it shows Communication error). Despite the error, PAS and throttle works, battery voltage is show on both displays.
So, my question is: it’s possible to broke both displays or could be something with battery and/or BMS because this is the only component which is common to both bikes. Any of you know a way to troubleshoot further?
I don’t have the possibility to get another display or battery for testing ☹.