Bafang BBSHD rebuild triangle frame to recumbent

In February I built my first ebike using a Bafang BBSHD kit. I got about 250 miles on it and started having some physical problems. I decided to go another route and installed the kit on my Tour Easy recumbent, great move. My ride is more comfortable and enjoyable, to me. I have since put about 400 miles on my Tour Easy. I am including pictures of my old and new build.


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The Bafang Tour Easy combo is working out great. No major problems. The only minor problem is getting the rear derailleur adjusted so it aligns in
all nine gears. I have only had one chain separation at the quick connect in over 1,000 miles of riding. This bike has put a smile back on my face, isn't that what it's all about?
I got tired of fighting my rear derailleur battle and have switched to a Shimano Nexus 8sp hub with Shimano Alfine tensioner and new KMC Z8.1 chain. For a rack bag I switched from a soft sided one to a 50 caliber plastic ammo box (water and dust proof).
I took the Alfine chain tensioner off, couldn't get a good chain line, and went back to the XT derailluer used as a chain tensioner. I have a good idea on how to make the Alfine line up, but it will require a bit of fabrication. I passed the 1500 mile mark this past week.