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Freshly built ebike using a Bafang BBS HD with a C965 display. Drive and throttle seem to work fine, but the display turns off after about 20 seconds and leaves a flashing blank battery and a flashing motor signal on the display. The motor seems to keep working fine! Any ideas on the display?

The battery is a Luna 52v down tube type.



Ann M.

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@NWrider , have you given that new battery a good charge yet? It might be that the voltage is just low. The console does have a setting to control how quickly it turns off; however, I don't think that is the issue here. Another possibility may be that part of the wiring harness that connects to the console is not attached properly. Don't know if you have the 3 or 5 button C965 display.


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I did give the battery a good charge. 12 hrs and got the green light on the Luna charger. The display starts to flash with the blank battery and the little icon that looks like a motor, but I still have full power. We killed the battery driving it around the neighborhood a couple nights ago, and it lasted at what felt like full power for at least a couple of hours. There were quite a few smiling friends!

I have the three button control.

The other issues is that, although I can program the display when it is on, I am not able to control the power assist. Something tells me I must have it hooked up incorrectly, but I can't seem to find a manual or direction that gives me the step by step installation of the display, switch, and battery to the electric drive motor.

Thanks for the reply. If you or anyone out there know of a manual that helps me identify the wires off the Bafang motor, it would help out greatly!