Bafang M625 Canbus cable


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So, I'm rebuilding an old recumbent bike of mine and adding a Bafang M625 motor to it. Due to the motor being at the end of a boom, the distance between the battery and the motor is further than the length of the cables included. An extension for the power cable is easy, they internet is crawling with them. The issue I have is the CANbus cable. Either no one has an extension cable for this (for my situation or for people who need to mount the battery on a rack). I could just cut one of the included cables and solder in a some appropriate wire, but I'd really rather not. I'd like to either find a cable that can do the job, or at least find out what the cable connectors are. I know they have to be a standard of some kind. (The bike is a 1996 ATP Vision if anyone is interested.)