BAFANG motor issue


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Hi, wanted to share some news.
I ordered and received a throttle and it is working perfectly fine. Only issue is that it is outlaw in NYC. I will as soon as possible try to fix the issue with the PAS. But at least, I can use it at my own risk.

What is strange : I started riding with the throttle, and after a while, I felt that the PAS was working fine again. But it did not last a long time. Most of the time, it is not working, but from time to time, the PAS feature is coming back. For 30 seconds, less then a minute. It did like this 10 times. It should be a bad or damage connection somewhere...

I aslo bought a multimeter (thanks Thomas for this advice) and will learn how to use it.

Thank you very much for your support, it has been very helpful.

Thomas Jaszewski

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Hi Thomas, sorry for my late reply. I will call you this afternoon.
Yes, display + correct throttle and new harness is interesting for testing.
After the test, I could ship the motor to your shop, but I am wondering about the total cost back and forth shipment and if it worth it?
What will be the cost, according to you ? The other solution is to buy a new motor if the issue is not fixed with the throttle.

Is it legal to ride a bike with a throttle? I am not so sure in NYC, so it is good for the testing but I will have to benefit from the Pedal assist sensor on a long terme perspective... I like it better than using the throttle I think.

I will call you in order to pay and share my mail address.
Never saw a call email tom.californiaebike(AT)


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Sorry for the flu!
Today I have no error code on the display, but I had once the 21 for speed sensor issue. Was easy to fix.
I will be in touch with Sleekrides and will let you know.
Where are you located at I am in queens and know quite a bit about the BBS02B and BBSHD add on kits I build my own and NO i am not a bike shop just someone that likes Ebike kits Mid Drive prefer because I have owned both and NOW only have BBSHD/BBS02B/Ultra drives here are my bikes I change the programming all the time when I need them to do things a little different than the default settings allow and Yes both of mine have Throttles