Bafang motor specs


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I am getting mostly used items. My first query will be about the rim and motor. This one to be exact: "Bafang FM G320.250.R 26" 250W DC36V Front Wheel Electric Motor Rim". I need the amperage to get the battery.
I would like to know what the amperage is and if it is a brushed or brushless motor? Also, are these things common among controllers? I know it is a 250 Watt motor and that is all I know about it. I found all kinds of controllers, but none of them even say what brand and model motor they are for. Same goes for the throttle and key lock hardware. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Zip ties, duct tape and bubble gum is what I am using for mounting hardware. No pedal assist. Just change the front wheel, mount hardware and go! Once I get everything, it should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. I watched a youtube video and it is definitely straight forward. Easy Peasy. I am an electro-mechanical tech, so, no problem in those areas. Just finding the right stuff to do it is a major PITA.