Bafang Needs a $300 MD Competitor

George S.

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Bafang has sort of owned things with the BBS02. The prices don't seem to go down. The new drive, the HD, is more than most people need.

I'm surprised no one has learned the basic lessons of building a basic mid-drive from the BBS01/02. Use a decent controller. Maybe splurge on the gear. I don't know. There's not much to the thing.

It's over-priced, for what it is, two years on, with the shift issues. LunaCycle started carrying the MAC motor. It's a refined ride, nothing harsh, decent power. Most people don't need mid-drives.

Every little segment of ebikes is locked into a narrowing path. It is not a creative place.


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Never been on a BBSo2 or 8-4 fun bike (come to think of it the only mid drive Ive been on were all Bosch) so I cant really comment specifically, but competition does usually bring out the best in the breed. Hell, look at how LeafMotor is displacing a lot of higher end hubs with a low price tag.

George S.

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Hi Court,

They seem to have several designs, some more complicated than others. The bracket that hold everything in place is a little rough. I sort of understand the design. I sort of see where it might be made a little more refined. I wouldn't want to put the drive on a good bike. This one looks OK, to me:

Given that the price is sort of in the $200's, pricey shipping, it would be nice to know how far along they are. If people have hills, it's hard to recommend a hub motor. So if this worked with a LiFePO4 battery, and a used bike? I don't know who should do this, what level of mechanical skill you might want or need.

Not sure where Bafang sits with the BBS. Do they have patents? Do they scare other Chinese companies off, or keep them out of the US? Could anyone build a BBS MD over here? It would be fun to start stealing Chinese designs, maybe? Taking their jobs?

Thanks. That was fun to look at. :D