Bafang programming BBSHD BBS02B BBS01B


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I’m getting lots of help calls from customers of BafangUSA Bafang USA is not an arm of Bafang company in China. Just a lucky URL (Internet address).

I’m referring lost souls here.

it would be helpful to have s thread exclusively for BBSHD BBS01 BBS02

I’m getting feedback the the threads with the new series Ultra snd such are confusing.

I’m going to reserve a few posts to post links to instructions and Penoff application.

PLEASE! Let’s not confuse n00bs with experiments.


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Cross-platform browser based configuration tool for Bafang BBSxx e-bike motors, runs on Mac, Linux or Windows. It requires a browser with support for Web Serial API, and should work on any recent version of Chrome, Opera or Edge.

Run online​

Click here to start the tool.

Install & run locally​

Download or clone the repository and open BafangWebCfg.html in your browser.


USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Bad settings can fry your motor controller.

If you find any bugs, please report them here.

Thanks to Stefan Penov ( and Philipp Sandhaus ( for their prior work on deciphering the original Bafang Config Tool source code and communication protocol.
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