Bafang Ultra 750w Limit & Power Consumption


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New owner of a bike with an Ultra. I read somewhere setting the speed limit to 22mph lowers the power draw to 750w. Did that and it seems to. At least the display maxes out at 750w. What I'm trying to figure out is if that changes the power curve at all too. So, for example, lets say I'm using eco 2. It rarely, if ever, hits 750w, even without limiting the speed to 22mph. By using the same setting, eco 2, but then limiting the speed to 22mph (and therefore the power to 750w), does the bike draw less power (assist less) than when in eco 2 without limiting the speed?

Love the bike, the motor, but would love to maximize efficiency for when I'm using it on dry road. Modding it is not an option at this point since it has canbus. Thanks!


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You can answer that question yourself by monitoring the wattage reading on the display. Maximizing my mileage between charges is a game I've been playing with myself on everything I ride for years now. I'm constantly referencing how many watts I'm using. That data is used to help determine what gear I'm in (should be in), as well as what PAS I should be using.

Regarding your question, setting your max speed should NOT affect maximum wattage available to the motor. If you were to pin the throttle at 10mph say, while in (eco) PAS 2, the wattage SHOULD spool up to something well over 1000w, then drop significantly. The speed that drop happens will be determined by the internal controller setup, and the PAS level you're in at the time.

If you want to see what you have available, set it to sport mode, and PAS 5. That should tell you in pretty short order. Just make sure you've got enough room to stay safe.