Bafang v bosch


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does anybody own both if these systems. Im thinking of going down the bosch/yamaha route, full suspension but was wondering how much power difference is between the 2. I have a 48v 500w bafang and love the climbing ability from a 44t front cog but im worried ill be very disspointed if i change to the bosch/yamaha although ive heard there isnt much in it. Also i will miss my throttle massively!!! But If i have to pedal my range will jump up. Also i think the 25km/h speed limit will piss me off. All things considered it seems like a step backwards for more money!!! I just really like the design and quality if some of the new bikes coming out for instance the mondraker E-crafty.


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Not tried the Bosch mid drive but you can chip them these days or get the speed versions to 45kph so speed wise, there's probably not a lot in it.

I'm surprised no one has come along with an aftermarket throttle hack for them to be honest.