Bag for rear rack


I have a new Pedego Boomerang and I bought a Pedego trunk bag for it, but the way it mounts it touches my behind and forces me to sit further forward on the seat than is comfortable. I took it back to the local Pedego store no problem, and am going to try a Pedego Convertible bag when a new shipment arrives. I'm hoping the curved design of the Convertible bag will eliminate the problem I experienced. Also the Trunk bag was very difficult to remove with its small velcro straps that attach to the upper sides of the rack. I want something that is easy to remove and take with me if I stop for a bite to eat, etc. Any suggestions and advice appreciated


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There are many types of quick attach bags & panniers on the market. I am a fan of the Bontrager interchange system which I use on my Trek MTB's I was disappointed to find my collection of Bontrager bags would not fit on my new Pedego Interceptor. Like you, I wasn't happy with the Pedego bags and came up with this solution:

I cut the top off an old Bontrager rack and made an "adapter". I used insulated cable clamps from Home Depot to attach it to the Pedego rack:

09592_A_1_BackRack_Deluxe_La.jpg P1070096a.jpg P1070100a.jpg P1070101a (1).jpg

The rack on the Boomerang is the same as the one on the Interceptor. Almost any type of quick attach bag system can be used. I like the Bontrager bags since they are tapered to allow seat clearance.


The adapter looks somewhat flimsy but it is strong enough to use as a handle to lift the bike up onto a bike rack.