Bags for Yuba Spicy Curry?


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Hi folks - I have a Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch and was looking for some cargo bags for the back to haul around gear - mainly kid gear. Any Yuba owners have rec's for the best bags out there that fit the spicy curry and work with a Yepp Maxi on the back?

It's hard to find a lot of reviews online for these. The xtracycle x2 bags look pretty nice but I can't tell if they'll fit the Spicy Curry, and if so, how they'll work with the Yepp. I know the yuba bags will fit but these did not look as nice (from what I could tell online) as the xtracycle or surly bags.

Would love any real-world experience from someone who has bags on their Yuba! Thanks!



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I've got the yuba pannier bags on a yuba bodaboda. They are probably too tall for a spicy curry. They also have the best secure straps on the ends where the bike has nothing to hang them on. The strap on the back was rather flimsy and I used string and tie wraps to tie it to the child seat support, until I built a 19" wide 24" long rack out of aluminum angle to screw on top of the child seat rack. So at $100 apiece, buy something elsse is my recommendation.