Barrel connector size for 2020 RadCity 4


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I have a Cycle Satiator that I use for a few different ebike batteries. I recently purchased a Rad City 4 but neither of these connectors has worked for me. Both fail to start charging, with the Satiator telling me to connect the battery:

Grin Technolologies XLR to DC 2.5mm Adapter


Grin Technolologies XLR to Anderson Powerpole Adapter
iGreely 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Female Power Plug Cable

The Rad power adapter does look like it's 5.5mm x 2.1mm, but that second connector option isn't working for this battery. It does work properly for another battery though, so I know the combination and connector itself is good. Does anyone have a link to a known working barrel connector that I can wire up with an Anderson Powerpole adapter?



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I reached out to Grin today, they advised that you can force start a charge by holding down the down button when the charger is prompting to connect the battery. This did the trick. I used the combo option outlined above but will try the Grin DC 2.5 adapter next time.