Good morning folks.

Does anyone have tips on where to get 48V 10 or 12 ah Lifepo4 batteries (decent quality) - for less than 600$?
Close to Ottawa Ontario?

To make a long story short, I bought an ebike kit from Golden Motors Canada last year.
Overall I am happy with the kit. The Magic Pie motor is strong, and the battery is, well, it is what it is...
Meaning that all in all I get about 18 km out of it. That's with me and my defective knee barely pedaling.
No pedalec.

Now when there is wind against me, or it gets colder than 10 celsius, suddenly I get only 15 km out of it - and pedaling that bike is, politely speaking, like dragging a dead moose up a hill..

So I am looking for a backup battery, and since I am on a very tight budget I'd like to get one for 300-500$ Canadian... (I briefly tried the warranty replacement route, but basically was told that it is what it is..and I don't have patience for this kind of argument).

Any tips?

Thanks a bunch



In case you're not already aware, has great batteries. I'm not sure if they have what you're looking for at the right price, but the quality is beyond reproach. Grin Technologies is another source, and there's a 3rd very good one I'm not remembering off the top of my head - hopefully others will chime in.

George S.

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I have a Magic Pie. It will run on any 36v or 48v battery. GMCan sells LiFePo4, but you can use anything. Your range is pathetic. I have a Smart Pie and I use an Ebay LiFePo4 ($260). It's been OK. For the Magic Pie I use a 6 amp hour pack and get 18 miles out of it. That pack is from Luna. EM3ev ships from Asia, but his packs are solid.

All the DIY batteries and chargers, BMS boards, seem to be a bit of a crap shoot.


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I have been treated well by Lunacycle, but understand they no longer ship batteries out of the USA because of the regulations. Maybe you know someone near Detroit or Buffalo and can drive over there.

But only 12 miles with a Magic Pie? Yikes.

Thank you guys for the replies. I am still in the same dilemma. Golden Motor no longer sells the batteries with the charger included and it looks like now the shipping is over 80$ CAN - so a 48V 10aH Lifepo4 battery would cost me close to 800$ CAN to have it delivered.
If anyone out here knows about a place where I can buy this battery for less - preferable withing a 200 km radius (Montreal - Kingston) I would be very happy.

Thanks again

Thank you! I would trust Grin Technologies, but by the time it's shipped via hazardous goods etc I'm looking at well over 1000$ CAN and that I cannot do..

Still hoping to find a more reasonable supplier within a 2 hour drive from Ottawa Ontario..



Mike Berryman

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Did you ever buy a battery pack? I have a barley used 48vlot 15ah lifepo battery I'd like to sell for $400 comes with charger and BMS