Battery Charge Time


I have about 100 miles on my Xduro Fullseven RX and have charged the battery from 2-3 bars about 6-7 times. I noticed the last two times that the battery never reaches full. Once it gets to the last bar it has continued to charge but never stops. After 12-15 hours I unplugged it and ride it again. Is this normal? One of the charges I had completely run the battery to shut down on Turbo for about 16 miles with lots of trails and hills. I am I dry conditions and bring the bike inside to charge it.

Also, I rode the bike around on relatively flat terrain for 11 miles today with almost no stops and the battery only dropped to the 3rd bar. The Intuvia actually increased the range from 16 as I rode ending at 14 ( after the increase and decrease.)

Sorry for all of the background of the life of the bicycle, but to recount, the question I have is how long should it take to reach a full charge?


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The only thing of relevance is the Bosch system, not the make of bike.

Assuming that you have a 400wh battery pack the info is as follows.

50% charge rate achieved in 1.5 hrs
80% achieved in 2 hours
100% achieved in 3.5 hrs.

I wouldn't worry about the charging light not going out. I run two chargers, one which the lights turns off when fully charged, and one that doesn't. No reason for it, but both do the same job.