Battery confusion


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I had a Raleigh Forge with the following specs (copied from their spec sheet)

Motor: TransX 36v 250w Brushless Quickstop Motor
Battery: TransX 11Ah Compact Battery
Display: TransX PST Display, 3 assist levels with Walk Function
Range: Eco 85+10km Normal 65+10km Climbing 45+5km

There were some problems with the bike so my dealer upgraded me for free to the next bike up in the Raleigh range - the Raleigh Captus.

It has the following specs:
Motor: Bosch Active Line
Battery: Bosch 300wh
Display: Bosch Intuvia display Featuring: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo modes. Range, Speed, and Time information Walk button allows 6km/h assist function to allow easy pushing over obstacles etc
Range: up to 148km from Eco mode

It is a much nicer bike in terms of the control panel, being able to adjust assist from the handlebars and a few other things. My problem is that I have a 30 mile round trip commute to work. I used to easily handle that with the Forge - it could do over 45 miles on one charge. The Captus won't get me to and from work on one charge (unless I cycle in eco mode which I think is pointless - it just really compensates for the fact the bike is much heavier). I told my dealer that I want my old bike back but other customers of theirs have also had issues with it so they have stopped selling it and said I can keep the more expensive bike or have my money back. The shop has also given me a second charger for free so I can get to work and back. I really don't want to start searching for a bike again as there aren't many dealers where I live (in the countryside) and I don't believe a word of the specs any more anyway. Also, my budget hasn't changed so I'm still looking at the same value as my original bike, the Captus. So my options, I think, are either to find someone else who sells the Captus and buy my old bike, even though I had issues with it and so, apparently, did lots of others. Or, I can live with the Forge.

I'm looking for advice as I'm torn. I'm also confused why the Captus has such lower mileage with the same spec battery. I did wonder if there was a fault with the Forge but looking at the Bosch battery calculator online ( it does show really low mileage once out of Eco mode.


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Actually the battery on that Bosch bike is only about 8ah at 36v if the motor is 300wh. The bike you had was over 400wh, which explains the difference somewhat. The max ranges advertised by these companies is typically under extremely favorable conditions. I'd say considering you got the second charger for work, put the bike in high power mode and enjoy the ride, beats having to start over again.


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Wow. Thank you @pxpaulx. I assumed I had a bigger battery on the more expensive bike (I was comparing the 250w with 300wh, which I guess I can't do). Raleigh are being really misleading here!