battery cuts out inexplicably


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My fairly new battery cuts out inexplicably. It has a charge but cuts off. I notice, even with on/off button to off, it generates juice for the lights. Sometimes, after I let it sit off a bit, it turns back on when I switch it on. Other times, not. My charger is a bit goofy and may be involved. Any advice?

Angela M.

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Hey Byron! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your battery. Can you give us a little more info on the kind of battery you have? How long have you had it and why do you think your charger could be an issue?


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Thanks, Angela. The battery is 36 Volt, 11 Amp hour Sanyo lithium ion: UM1006F,
and the charger is
High Power Li-ion, Taiwan
Model: HP8204L3
Serial Number: 1011646
Input 115/230 VAC, 60/50 Hz 2.4/1/3A
Output: 42VDC/4A

The battery charger sometimes flashes red alongside of a red on light. The fan rattles and the charger gets sort of hot. Sometimes after seeing the red flashing light I turn it off, wait, and when I turn it on again, it goes to standard charging (solid orange light). It could then go to flashing orange (trickle charge) before going to flashing red.

I haven't yet downloaded the service manual; the company offering it would take over my browser, which I fear letting them do. Other sources for the service manual would be appreciated.

Suggestions on a replacement charger would also be welcome. I suspect one with less amps than 4 would be safer for the battery system. I also have no way of knowing when the battery is fully charged other than at end of trickle charge time.

Is there a battery management system on board that could be monitored and/or repaired?


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Well, the charger finally broke. The fuse looks OK, but no power goes through it.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a replacement for my HP 8204 L3? It puts out 42 volts (my bike is 36 volts) at 4 amps (I suspect less amps would be safer for the battery). Any recommendations on specific ones or reliable companies would be appreciated.