Battery error


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not familiar ........ any more details ? ST1 or ST2? what is your current firmware? what is the error? I just got off the phone w/Stromer USA about some other issues, no mention of any add'l firmware or other updates


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Dit you take out the battery, this may help, also for the drive error.
Helped for me, this is why I always take the batterycompartiment keys with me .


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usually fixes with battery removal, i did have to swap to the 2nd battery 1 time but the other battery worked when it was swapped back in too. I may not have waited long enough is the only thing I could think of, maybe 30 sec


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Yep, be prepared for that to always be a problem, as it's not been fixed since I got my ST2 a year ago. It's a very shoddy head unit for such an expensive bike.